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Circus skills workshops in schools are now available in two basic formats:-
We can do workshops during the school day (often a single day and with a number of different classes).
Or we can do after-school sessions (generally over a 5-week period)

During our sessions we will teach a wide variety of manipulation skills (e.g. juggling, diabolo, devil stick etc.) and balance skills (e.g. feather balance, stilts, tight-rope). Obviously the more time we have with a particular group of students, the wider and more in-depth the skills taught.

Many schools like the one-day format because they can include it as part of a theme. Some themes we have noted are medieval, sport, art, we’ve even taught workshops in french.

Other schools like the after-school format as the students have more time to develop and are able to work towards both putting on a show and receiving (a) certificate(s).

Fees are dependent upon the location of the school but are generally about £250 for a whole day or £600 for an after-school session. Often the after-school session is funded by the students rather than the school. To facilitate this we offer an assembly a week or two before the course to encourage participation.


How can circus skills help in schools?

Well research suggests that juggling improves hand-eye co-ordination leading to better reading skills, can increase brain size, can raise self-esteem in less motivated pupils and reduces stress.

Apart from that it can also be used to teach better classroom skills (such as listening and concentrating), Physics (different forces, transfer of energy etc.), History (Nigel is the first official English Heritage Jester), Mathematics (there is a whole Open University program on the mathematics of juggling and this also features Nigel), Drama (constructing a show, use of humour, use of props). Nigel has even taught a workshop in French.

For more detail click here.

To purchase equipment click here.

Lastly it should be mentioned that the workshops are fun!


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