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The claims made about juggling can be found at various sites.

Juggling increases brain size, can be found here.
Juggling improves academic skills, can be found here.                                              Juggling improves your health, can be found here.                                                      Juggling has academic benefits, can be found here.

Whether or not you can believe all these claims, it is certainly true that many schools have already seen the benefits that juggling workshops have brought to their schools. Which is why those schools that have booked us once, almost invariably book us again and again.

Generally when we run an introductory workshop we include some of the following skills. Ball juggling, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Plate Spinning, Plate manipulation, Feather Balance, Pedal-Go, Poi. If there are sufficient helpers available we can also supply Unicycles, a Tight-Rope and a Walking Globe. For more advanced practitioners we can also give instruction on ring and club juggling as well as the skills listed above.

Unlike most people who teach circus skills in school, we do not have a fixed program that you must follow. We can provide you with a specific structure if that is your need but if you have other requirements, we are flexible enough to work around them.

Many primary schools like to theme their weeks and what we do can fit with several different themes. For example, we can be part of a history week where we can talk about life in castles or more generally. A jester during that time would be expected to travel a lot and see much more than the average citizen. Meeting all classes of society and seeing them at work and play. As Kester the Jester, Nigel has worked all over the country for English Heritage and so has a good working knowledge of life in the middle ages. Another example could be a circus theme or even a demonstration of physics in everyday life. The possibilities are huge.

In a secondary school context, we are often asked to theme our workshops to deliver the message that listening skills and concentration lead to success. We also try to raise the self-esteem of the pupils by making sure that they leave the workshop having achieved. Another message we delivered recently was how breaking up a skill into easier stages made for quicker progression (in much the way BBC Bite-size works). The practical nature of what we do makes this easier for pupils to grasp.

Other ways that our skills have been fitted into secondary schools include working with the Healthy Schools Project, GNVQs for Years 10 and 11, demonstration of performance techniques to GCSE or A-level Drama classes and also just as a fun reward for achieving students.

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